Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Short rant on Congress

Congress decided to delay the switch to fancy digital cable, because the American public is confused and many have not purchased their converter boxes yet. It’s nice to know that during this time of economical turmoil, presidential change, and war that Congress is spending time worrying if everyone is going to get to watch their Deal or No Deal come February. Let’s cut to the chase. We’ve known for over two years that this switch is going to occur by February 2009. The message has been scrolling across the bottom of Jeopardy for months now. We are a nation of procrastinators, Congress. If Joe the Plumber hasn’t picked up his little converter box yet, that’s too damn bad. As soon as his TV stops working, driving over to Radio Shack will shoot to the top of his to-do-list. How about getting some real work done?