Friday, February 20, 2009


I have found it! The thing I have wanted most in the world for some time now.

It is an original uncut pattern book from 1984 with detailed instructions on making your very own Mr. T doll. My love of crafts and Mr. T is well documented. This product is the perfect marriage of two things I hold dear. I only became aware of this pattern less than a year ago. I don’t remember how I found it, but I came across an article on gallery that was having an exhibit of 100s of Mr. T dolls made from the above pattern. Greg Rivera, the collector, had been purchasing these homemade Mr. T dolls on Ebay for some time and had even commissioned a group of artists to make Mr. T dolls based on the pattern for a charity auction. The show was back in 2005, but photos of some of the dolls can be found on flickr.

You better believe that if I knew about this pattern in 1984, I would have had my Grammy whip me up one of these dolls along with a full camouflage, denim, and sweat pant wardrobe. My Grammy has mad crafting skillz. (Yes; with a z!) She made me a Pound Puppy, crocheted Bert and Ernie dolls, clothes for my Barbies, and a whole raft of other amazing toys. If I sent her this pattern tomorrow, she probably would make me my very own Mr. T doll. She would think I was crazy, but she would do it. I think this is something I should try to do myself. The problem is, I don’t have mad sewing skillz, just novice sewing skills. (Too lame to end in z.) I have even less drawing skills, which I believe is how he gets his eyes and brows. Once the pattern arrives and I start the project, I plan on documenting my progress (or failures) here. Stay tuned!

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