Saturday, February 28, 2009

He’s Here!

The Mr. T pattern has arrived and I’ve read the instructions and started ordering the needed supplies. First, I looked for the fabric for his skin, because I thought this would be the most difficult thing to find. I did all my shopping online, because the thought of going to some sort of doll-making supply store sounded frightening. The pattern called for “non-run interlock polyester knit.” I didn’t have much luck there, but using the search terms “doll skin fabric” I hit the jackpot. I settled on a chocolate cotton knit because the website describe it as “premium dollskin” and the Mr. T shade was discounted 50%. The fabric, a 3.5” needle, and matching thread are on their way to me. Once they arrive I can begin making my very own Mr. T!

While shopping for these supplies online, I discovered that doll making websites are totally creepy. There are weird doll patterns, naked eunuch doll bodies, and something called "alligator forceps." Seeing these things online just proved to me that I was definitely not prepared to venture out to a brick and mortar doll making supply store. *shudder*

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Personalized Muppets!

The only thing I love as much as Mr. T is the Muppets. When I was a kid, My parents took me to see an exhibit of some of the Muppets at OMSI. I watched Muppet Babies and reruns of the Muppet Show religiously. The first movie I saw in the theater was the Great Muppet Caper. I wanted my own Muppet. Imagine my surprise when I realized that this is a possibility today. Shortly before Christmas, I discovered that F.A.O. Schwarz launched a make-your-own Muppet workshop. Popularity was higher than supply and the Muppet Maker was down all through the holiday season. It’s back-up now and offers a few basic shapes along with many eyes, noses, and outfits.

So, if you ever have and extra $90 that you want to spend on me, this is what I want! The best Muppet I designed was orange with the horn-rimmed glasses, a red nose, bald fringe and the plaid jaket. I named him Melvin Whipple. (Sidenote: Did you know that there is a cowboy poet named Melvin Whipple? I didn’t, but he seems like a cool cat.)

Finally, I just noticed today that a Jim Henson exhibit is coming to EMP this summer. This is exciting news. From the pictures, I think Rowlf might be there. This will be more exciting than seeing Yoda. Who’s in?

Friday, February 20, 2009


I have found it! The thing I have wanted most in the world for some time now.

It is an original uncut pattern book from 1984 with detailed instructions on making your very own Mr. T doll. My love of crafts and Mr. T is well documented. This product is the perfect marriage of two things I hold dear. I only became aware of this pattern less than a year ago. I don’t remember how I found it, but I came across an article on gallery that was having an exhibit of 100s of Mr. T dolls made from the above pattern. Greg Rivera, the collector, had been purchasing these homemade Mr. T dolls on Ebay for some time and had even commissioned a group of artists to make Mr. T dolls based on the pattern for a charity auction. The show was back in 2005, but photos of some of the dolls can be found on flickr.

You better believe that if I knew about this pattern in 1984, I would have had my Grammy whip me up one of these dolls along with a full camouflage, denim, and sweat pant wardrobe. My Grammy has mad crafting skillz. (Yes; with a z!) She made me a Pound Puppy, crocheted Bert and Ernie dolls, clothes for my Barbies, and a whole raft of other amazing toys. If I sent her this pattern tomorrow, she probably would make me my very own Mr. T doll. She would think I was crazy, but she would do it. I think this is something I should try to do myself. The problem is, I don’t have mad sewing skillz, just novice sewing skills. (Too lame to end in z.) I have even less drawing skills, which I believe is how he gets his eyes and brows. Once the pattern arrives and I start the project, I plan on documenting my progress (or failures) here. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged on Facebook a million times, so I decided to double post here and there. Enjoy. Enjoy twice!

1. I love horoscopes. My favorite one this week said, “You've been riding a wave of positive energy. Help others get on the wave with you!” Dear everybody,
Come on in. The water is fine.
Love, Kerry
2. My Miss Richland softball team had a rivalry with H.A.P.O. bank’s team. I still boo when I pass the Richland branch. Zinn Photo forever!
3. This much I know is true: If you think you’re expert enough to make a list of the Top 10 Christmas movies ever made and you don’t include the Christmas Story on that list, then you are an idiot. Not only should it be on the list, but it should be and is the best Christmas movie ever made.
4. Recently, I saw another list by some self-proclaimed “expert” that had a major omission that made me discredit the entire list. I, however, cannot remember the topic of the list or whatever I thought was missing from it.
5. Recently and relatedly, I started taking Gingko Biloba in the hopes that things like #4 would stop happening.
6. Rainbow Connection is the sweetest song ever written. I have four versions of it on my ipod. I would like at least one more by someone who shall remain nameless. He knows who he is.
7. My brother is my hero and I have the sweatshirt to prove it.
8. I always say that Sorry is my favorite board game, but who am I kidding? It is actually Scrabble. A few weeks ago, I got three bingos in a row. Yes, I am bragging. I’m sorry, but that is just awesome. I don’t expect that to ever happen again.
9. If you don’t like the Muppets, then I don’t think you are worth knowing. I consider it an essential mark of a good and reasonable person. Seriously.
10. Also, I often judge people’s sense of humor on their opinion of MTV’s The State. If you don’t like the State, I probably won’t believe you when you tell me something is funny. I’m not proud of it, but a girl has to have standards.
11. I think animal nicknames and nicknames ending in the long E sound are pretty much the cutest thing ever. Someone recently called me pumpkin-head as a term of endearment. Some might be offending, but I liked it.
12. A short list of mythical/sci-fi/awesome creatures I like: vampires, zombies, unicorns, aliens, yetis, ninjas, pirates and monsters of all sorts.
13. A shorter list of mythical/sci-fi creatures that I dislike: fairies.
14. My favorite color is green and I usually like the green character the best. (ie Luigi and Martian Manhunter and to a lesser extent Cheer Bear, but I like him/her more because I think him/her should be called Irish Bear. Sidenote: Did the Care Bears have genders?)
15. I like making soap. I also like baking. A third thing I like to do is send packages of goodies to my friends. I am sad that you can’t send soap in with a package of cookies because it will make the cookies taste like soap. If I could figure out how to solve this problem, I believe my treat packages would be world-changing and unstoppable.
16. I remember what #4 was about: cupcakes! I read a list of best cupcake places and not only was Trophy not number 1, it wasn’t even on the list. I’m sorry St. Cupcake and Cupcake Royale, you are good, but you are no Trophy. (Maybe Gingko works?!)
17. My first celebrity crush was Bo Duke.
18. My second was Murdock from the A-Team.
19. I’m very ashamed when I don’t like critically acclaimed movies that everyone I know loves. I give these movies a 3-star rating in my Netflix queue, so people will think I have good taste in movies. Truth is I hated Donnie Darko and Lost in Translation. Let’s face it, I just don’t have good taste in movies. Caveman starring Ringo Starr is one of my favorites.
20. The worst hangover I ever had was after a night of playing Heroclix for shots. That is the nerdiest possible way to get a hangover.
21. The perfect date involves four stops: restaurant, arcade, bar with live music, cupcake or donut shop. If you go to Jules Mae you can kill two birds with one stone and play Skee Ball between bands. If you are in Portland you can go to Ground Kontrol and end the night at VooDoo Doughnut. The number one reason I miss the Crocodile is that I haven’t been to Shorty’s since it closed.
22. I love outside birds a lot. I don’t know the names of many. I think pet birds are disgusting.
23. Tacos should be capitalized. (For example: Tonight, I’m making Tacos! Gee these Tacos are superb.) They deserve the respect that capitalization in the middle of a sentence provides.
24. I’ve recently realized the supporting my family and friends’ endeavors is my greatest pleasure. Sure, I don’t have a band or make amazing cakes or do roller derby or sell my art or crafts, or want to be a Marine, but I know people who do. They kick ass and I’m so proud of them.
25. Meeting Mr. T would be my greatest honor. I don’t know what I would say, but it would be really cool to give him a hug.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Short rant on Congress

Congress decided to delay the switch to fancy digital cable, because the American public is confused and many have not purchased their converter boxes yet. It’s nice to know that during this time of economical turmoil, presidential change, and war that Congress is spending time worrying if everyone is going to get to watch their Deal or No Deal come February. Let’s cut to the chase. We’ve known for over two years that this switch is going to occur by February 2009. The message has been scrolling across the bottom of Jeopardy for months now. We are a nation of procrastinators, Congress. If Joe the Plumber hasn’t picked up his little converter box yet, that’s too damn bad. As soon as his TV stops working, driving over to Radio Shack will shoot to the top of his to-do-list. How about getting some real work done?