Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I start every new year (and every new month) with a set of intentions. It’s the only way I can keep myself accountable and actually accomplish my goals. Without boring you with exact wording, this year my focus is on conservation. This encompasses everything from reading books and using craft supplies I have already purchased to building up my savings and supporting the Washington economy by buying from local businesses and purchasing food from local sources.

More specific action items for 2009 include:
1. Complete two crafty related projects a month.
2. Read two books a month.
3. Go to at least one concert a month of a band that does not count one of my friends as a member.
4. Join the Co-op
5. Double the amount of money I give to charities over 2008’s total.
6. Visit Sara and Isaiah.
7. Re-commit to exercise plan by working out at least seven hours a week.
8. Put money in my savings accounts every month.

January is almost over and I’ve definitely made positive strides. I’ve been crafting up a storm too, completing 3 mini-books, the entire syllabus of an online scrapbook class I took this fall, five embroidered onsies for a friend that had a baby, a banner for the best band on Earth, and a few other smaller projects. I’ve also read two books Dead Until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris and started the Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao and Happier. I’m also going to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and the Ivan Milev Band on Saturday. These three action items are almost gimmes though. They should be actions that I accomplish easily each month.

Also, I joined the Co-op. That was a no-brainer, especially now that they have a branch by my apartment. Buying local milk and eggs are the first changes I'm making, but I need to begin shopping there every week. Until they can grow bananas in the Pacific Northwest, I will never be able to buy everything from local sources. I’ve begun organizing and purging of my craft supplies and closet. The projects is not complete, but there is definitely a lot less crafty mess around the apartment. I’ve also restarted my vacation savings account and set some Christmas money aside in my house savings account.

The month hasn’t been completely successful though. I haven’t been strict about not purchasing new crafty supplies or books though. I bought three new books, but only completed two. I borrowed the two I completed, so my collection of unread books has only grown. I did visit all of the craft stores in town (yes, all five of them) and purchase something at every stop. (Ack!) Luckily, I’ve been moderately successful with recommitting to working out, but feel that I could improve in this area. I need to start regularly working out in the morning again.

Good thing I didn’t make a New Year’s intention to blog more. That would have failed absolutely miserably.