Friday, March 13, 2009

February Intention Review

In order to stay accountable to my 2009 intentions, I must write about them every month. I thought I’d do a short review of the items that applied to February.

Complete two crafty projects a month.
This one was easy of course. I finished two mini-albums. (One on my trip to the San Diego Zoo in October 2008 and the other a Valentine’s day gift for Tim featuring pictures of us in college.) I did buy some materials for new projects though and this is one thing I’d like to stop doing. I need to be more economical and use supplies I already have to finish projects I’ve already started.

Read two books a month.
Last month I wrote that this goal should always be a gimme. Of course, this month, I didn’t accomplish the goal. I finished Oscar Wao, but started and did not finish two other books.

Go to at least one concert a month of a band that does not count one of my friends as a member.
I went to see Super Diamond for Z’s birthday. This again should be easy to accomplish every month. The first two months though, I saw bands that I’ve seen previously. In March, I want to take this one step further and see a band that is new to me.

Double the amount of money I give to charities over 2008’s total.
No action was taken on this goal in February. I need to work more on this goal this month. I think it will be a challenge to accomplish this goal this year. Last year, I had this same goal and it was easy, because I just doubled the amount of money taken out of my paycheck and given directly to United Way. I decided not to double that amount again this year, because although Bellingham’s needs are many, I’d like to focus on other areas. My two main areas of focus will be Donor’s Choose projects in Detroit area classrooms and supporting the Whatcom Hospice Foundation.

When selecting Donor’s Choose projects in the past, I would focus on high poverty areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. The need is still great there, but I’ve been interested in and saddened by the degradation and decaying of Detroit for some time. It’s a shame that what was once one of America’s greatest cities is now reduced to ruin. In the last few months both Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone have featured articles on the city as it failing relates to their sports teams and music scenes. Although sending some money to classrooms in Detroit won’t save the city, it is something little that I can do from across the country.

Supporting the Whatcom Hospice is much more personal, as they provided outstanding care and support to my friend in his last days. The work they do eases some of the burden placed on the dying’s family and I’m thankful that they were there to help my friends.

Re-commit to exercise plan by working out at least seven hours a week.
This intention continues to be only half-way fulfilled. I did better than January, but still feel that I can work out more and harder. I’d like to try doing a longer workout in the morning, but that means getting up right away instead of hitting the snooze button.

Finally, just because I don’t want to post a boring blog without a picture, the above is a shot of me and my new favorite hat on the shores of Langley, WA at Mystery Weekend 2009. (Photo by Z.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy List

February was a crappy month. It was split into two distinct parts. Before and after. First the worry about the rapidly declining health of a loved one and then too soon later the grief and anguish over the loss of that loved one. It was sudden. It was surprising. I am sad. Now, I focus on the superficial. Amidst tragedy, life kept moving. I laughed. I had fun. Things made me happy. Here is a list of those things.

1. Mystery Weekend: I think we’ve attended the Mystery Weekend in Langely for six years now. It’s the best kind of girls’ weekend. We collect clues, interview suspects, and map out motives. Oh yes, we also do a lot of catching up, shopping, and eating. It’s good to be surrounded by those that have known you the longest.

2. Woodland Wonderland Wood Maze: Of course I don’t need any more fabric, but my collection of blues and oranges is almost large enough to make a quilt.

3. Mr. T pattern: The full color pictures make me laugh every time I flip through the book.

4. Mr. Blue by Catherine Feeny: It’s just a sweet little song.

5. Super Diamond concert: Amazingly fun show with amazingly fun people to celebrate amazing roommate’s birthday. Bonus amazingness goes out to my new black dress.

6. Cupcakes and Zombies print: Two of my favorite things together. This will soon hang in my kitchen.

7. Kanye’s new girlfriend: half supermodel, half robot. I’m trying to quit online gossip sites, but I just can’t! I like she’s crazy beautiful in a weird way. (Side note: In this photo Kanye is wearing a letterman’s jacket from one of my high school’s divisional rivals.)

8. Books: I’m working on way too many now: World War Z, Happier, Blood Lite, Couch. It would be good if I actually finished a book sometime.

9. Cheese store: Bellingham’s Quel Fromage has way too many delicious cheeses. My favorite right now is called Barely Buzzed which has a coffee and lavender blend rubbed on it. Fancy, right?

10. Screen printing: Now that I have a giant tub of emulsion and four months to use it, I better make some more stuff. The only thing that impedes my progress here is my lack of Photoshop and drawing skills. It’s hard to make a design, but it is fun to print!

11. Roller Derby: The anticipation for this weekend’s match is building. I’m excited to go and cheer on F.L.A.S.H. Plus Laura got an amazing black eye at practice and I’m so jealous of it. She looks like a total bad-ass.

12. Carrie’s A Love Letter to the Lost: because it’s beautiful and perfect and I read it every day.

13. Downtown Bellingham art: There is a bunch of newish stuff on many street corners my favorite is the big tacky sword and the big red macaroni. I’m guessing it really isn’t called “big red macaroni” but that’s what it looks like and I haven’t been next to it to read a plaque.

14. De Blob: a strange, relaxing, adorable game for Wii.

15. Seeing Rob: I took a long weekend and went home to visit my brother while he was between training sessions with the Marines. Now that he is away from home, I value every opportunity to hug that kid.

16. Silly workouts: workout DVDs are some ridiculous fun. Lately I’ve done Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body and Working out to the Hit: Motown. I don’t know if they make me feel good because of the workout or because they are silly. I think it’s probably the silliness.

17. Music: I’ve been desperate for some new stuff lately, so I’ve been into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Dan Auerbach and Neko Case.

18. Alexander McQueen’s Fall/Winter 09 show: crazy big weird lip treatments, crazy big weird feather outfit, crazy big weird high heels. It’s crazy inspiring.

19. Macarons: Cakespy profiled Honoeré, a new bakery on Capitol Hill. They make amazing macarons, which I first saw profiled on the Black Apple. I’ve been wanting to make them ever since, but need to taste a real one before I attempt it. Now I have the perfect place to go and try one and also the take pictures of the beautiful cookies.
20. Friends new and old: I’m lucky because thanks to old friends, I met some new friends last year. I feel especially lucky to have met Shannon because she is made of pure fun and wonderfulness. Thanks to my vast network of awesome friends, life is more fun and hard times more bearable.